Thursday, November 16, 2006

what to wear?

tonight is a perplexing one due to double booking. I usually dont have a problem deciding what to wear in LA, since jeans are pretty much acceptable everywhere, as long as they're sold in barneys.

but tonight is a tough one: a coalition for clean air benefit AND a playstation launch party. hmm. the reason josh and I agreed to the clean air benefit isn't really bc we believe in clean air (who doesn't?). its because we relish the opportunity to possibly see jeffrey sebelia AND jan perry at the same party. please, please let that happen. project runway and politics - perfect together.

and then playstation. what says I love the environment AND I heart video games? josh is threatening to wear fur (what? its biodegradable!) and I threatened to wear entirely synthetic fabrics that are highly flammable, wrapped in leather. because we love eco-fashion.


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