Tuesday, October 03, 2006

divided loyalties

a friend from the old hood pointed out to me yesterday that the mets are playing the dodgers in the playoffs starting tomorrow. I know I should remain loyal to my hometown team. I grew up a few miles away from shea. I went to mets games as a kid. I stayed up late to watch them win in 86. but that was a long time ago. my teens/20s were spent at yankee stadium. I was never a major baseball fan - but I dated a few back in ny. (I used to have a boyfriend who claimed he could tell whether someone was a mets or yankees fan just by looking at them - and he was usually right. it took me a while to figure out how he was secretly divining their loyalty - if they were irish, italian, jewish, or from queens, SI, LI, or jersey: mets. if they were black, latino, asian or from manhattan, bronx or brooklyn: yankees. so simple. classify by ethnicity - why didn't I think of that?)

anyway, while I think dodger dogs are an affront to sausages everywhere, and we all know how much I like to sit in dodger stadium and ponder the massive betrayal of the public trust that built it, I sort of love dodger stadium. I love the view on a clear day. I love the way you come in towards the top and descend down to your seats. I love seeing families of all ages (hollywood seems to be kid-poor). so despite the consternation I will face from friends back home, I may have to root for the dodgers. unless of course, foxsports is right (is fox ever right about anything?) and this boils down to a yankees vs. dodgers world series. A-rod will come out of that summer slump. I know it.


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