Friday, September 15, 2006

goin fishin'

one of my goals this year, after now living in LA for 3 years, has been to get out of LA more. see more of california. C and I went to san luis obispo in march, I went on a couple of trips to laguna and other parts of orange county, and now this weekend, off to mammoth - which I've never been to. and now I remember why - I don't have the proper wardrobe for cold weather. its dipping down to the 20s and 30s in mammoth this weekend. holy shite, that cold. its been a pretty stressful week, so I'm looking forward to hiking, the lake, canoeing and yes, maybe even fishing. plus we've got a dog, a fireplace, and vodka olga brought back from the ukraine. what else does one need for a cozy weekend in the mountains? that ukrainian moonshine will make me forget all about the fact I don't have a winter jacket.

and then off to nyc next thurs. can't wait to be back in MY natural habitat - concrete, skyscrapers, and shopping.


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