Tuesday, October 10, 2006

quiet lately

I know I've been ignoring this blog lately (although I've still been posting on curbed la). my father was scheduled to have two spinal surgeries today and I have tickets to go back to ny next week. my mother had asked me to come to ny after the surgery so that I could play pinch hitter when she goes back to work, and help with some of the recovery stuff.

it turns out that dr's get sick too. my father's surgeon has a case of the sniffles, or Bird Flu. I dont know. he has something. and its serious enough to postpone the surgery. I try to avoid talking about personal stuff on this blog (although I break that rule more and more) but between work and family, I just haven't had much to say on this blog. so things might be quiet for the next few weeks as I rearrange my plane ticket and schedule to accomodate new plans.

but just so I provide a few links related to architecture 'n stuff:
  • I want to go here in nov: Skin + Bones : Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture at MOCA.
  • I think I said this before - jon stewart is my husband, colbert is my dirty, dirty mistress.
  • I'm going back to san clemente this weekend, home of the twin nuclear tits, but if I was going to be in LA, I might go see steve martin and harry shearer speak.


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