Sunday, September 24, 2006

I want an indian wedding

if I ever get married, I think I might have to have an indian wedding. any celebration that involves cutting off traffic on 49th street in the middle of the afternoon so the groom could ride a horse (both of them dressed in traditional indian garb - apparently elephants are too hard to rent in ny), live drummers, and men dancing wildly in the streets, is the kind of party I want to be involved in.

other things I discovered this weekend:
  • the rainbow room is a classic for a reason. gorgeous art deco interiors, amazing views.
  • prayer in any language bores me. hebrew, urdu, whatever. yawn.
  • I think I discovered the fatal flaw in norman foster's new hearst building: it seems to disappear at night. completely. it wasnt visible from the rainbow room as soon as the sun went down - I dont know if that's a temporary thing or if its better lit during the week when employees are there late. its such a gorgeous building, just wish the exterior lighting was better.
  • I might need a break from jewish food for a while. I think I doubled my cholesterol in the past 48 hours. oh wait, next week we get to fast for yom kippur. I'm almost looking forward to it.
  • my parents have 3 tivos yet only seem to record shows that end in "ood." that means a season or two of deadwood and the brotherhood. they're addicted to premium cable.


At 5:57 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

OMG I LOVE the Rainbow Room. In all kinds of weather and light. Even when I lived in NYC on a lowly media assistant's salary I'd splurge on a drink up there every now and then. If there's a place on earth where you feel closer to having steped into a Fred & Ginger movie, I've yet to experience it. Sadly, haven't made it up there the past few visits.


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