Tuesday, October 17, 2006

your body is a battleground

I know going to a lecture on a sat evening isn't everyone's idea of fun, but I'm sort of intrigued by this one: Barbara Kruger at the hammer. I've been a fan of hers ever since I wrote my honors thesis as an undergrad on images of women in advertising (what can I say? it was the early to mid 90s, I was an art history major, and pomo was H-O-T). but I digress - she's still sort of subversive, although I fear the joke might be lost on kids today reared in an age of irony and identity politics. since I postponed my nyc trip til nov, I'm not yet sure what I have going on this weekend. if I find myself on the westside, this is high on the to-do list.

I skipped san clemente last weekend (no nuclear boobs! damn!) but did manage to take in the gen art runway show (a lot of the stuff looked deconstructed but not in a Rei Kawakubo way. more of a lazy/lacking in talent way). but the evening was saved by some of the best people watching I've seen in a long time. or at least since Mark took me a secret speakeasy under an art gallery downtown the night before. I have a feeling the hammer might be a little more tame, but a little more substantive.


At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who can say LA doesn't have cultural choices.

Laurie Anderson @ USC that night. Free and open to public.



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