Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm stressed

work has been very, very busy lately - which is typically a good thing when you're just starting out. but a combination of factors is stressing me out and I haven't had time to blog. so to recap lately: mammoth is great. Go, even in the summer. great hiking, great canoeing. it looked like there was great fishing and it's all pretty cheap in the off season. plus I got to see california's fault line, which gets deep enough in spots you can't see the bottom. awesomely scary.

heading to nyc tomorrow for a wedding, a conference, and some round challah with the family. now that I've been gone awhile, I feel like friends are starting to treat me like a tourist. one ex-boss is taking me to his favorite off-broadway play (have I mentioned my intense dislike of musicals?) - sweet, but I foresee 2 hours of hell) and another is taking me to the isaac mizrahi show (ok, I kind of like his talk show). but I feel like I'm one Les Miz ticket away from a fanny pack and subway map.

despite all the "entertainment" planned, I haven't made a single dinner reservation anywhere, I have no idea what to pack in terms of footwear, and I havent really made definitive sleeping arrangements anywhere, since I figure there are a ton of friends/family I can crash at. the good news: the weather is around 70 everyday and it doesn't look like it will rain much (although I sort of hope for at least a drizzle). still on the agenda - the herzog and de meuron show at moma, planning to skip zaha at the guggenheim after hearing too many lukewarm reviews, and unfortunately I've already seen the utensil show at the cooper hewitt. with the way my calendar is shaping up, I dont think I"ll have a lot of time to wander the museums. work, work, work.


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