Thursday, November 02, 2006

I voted

so I stopped into beverly hills town hall to vote early today since I'll be out of town next week during election day. early voting is a godsend - we never had it in ny. its just me and a half dozen retirees voting. the difference between the blue hairs and I (me?, myself? I'm stumped by the grammar) is, I had downloaded to my blackberry the california democratic party recommendations for the propositions, since I needed a cheat sheet. I had already made up my mind on 87 and 90, but the rest had me a little mystified, so I needed some guidance.

I leave for ny on sat, to help out with my father's recovery and to speak at a conference. sadly, I dont think that leaves much time to catch up with friends, shop, or hit my favorite museums in ny. I'll have to save that for the christmas-time trip I'll probably make. I do have one night carved out to take my sister to dinner for her 25th birthday. the rest is up in the air.

so its unlikely I'll have any interesting architecture-related blogging going on while in ny. while I'm gone, make sure you vote. apathy is so 2002 midterm election.


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