Wednesday, October 25, 2006

gen(h)ome + mak day

there is a small possibility I'll be out of town on sunday. but if not, I'm going to try to stop by the mak center for mak day. every year on schindler's birthday, the museum is free and this year there's a really interesting exhibit opening that day: gen(h)ome. I'm not always a huge fan of the mak center's exhibitions, but I think this one may be kind of great. I saw some of the installation last weekend when I was docenting. its a cool concept: to explore the "genetic modifications" artists can achieve in the building and the landscape, and to try to link technological innovation in the natural sciences (like genetics) and architecture. there are events all day, but the opening reception is in the evening, from 6-8pm. best of all, coolest exhibition title EVER. no, seriously. that's awesome.


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