Monday, November 20, 2006

weekend on the eastside, sorta

it feels like a long time since I had an architecture-related weekend, but this weekend was fairly full. I did my docent duties saturday morning at the schindler house, including a class of about 30 student from pcc. I love student tours. I find high schoolers are generally a little less enthusiastic, but the college students almost always dig the tour. plus, I'm a pretentious blowhard who loves to hear herself talk, so I enjoy the student tours. it feels like I'm teaching again. and speaking of, it looks like I'm going to be back on USC's campus come spring to teach an undergrad course there on virtual communities.

but getting back to the weekend, josh and I spent some quality Curbed time together. on thurs we hit the Coalition for Clean Air eco-fashion benefit (I decided against wearing a leather shirt AND leather boots. went with just the boots. is that still too un-pc? they're louboutin but I found them at a consignment shop. doesn't that count as smart recycling?). anyway, you have not lived until you've seen councilpersons ed reyes and janice hahn modeling environmentally-friendly fashion. H-O-T-T. the playstation3 launch party was almost anti-climactic after that. Almost. While I got to see janice hahn save snakes, cows and furry animals from becoming Anna Wintour's latest accessory, I also got to see Dave Navarro murder Iggy Pop. Or at least his music. but again, I digress from the architecture stuff.

so yesterday josh, john and jack and I (yup, token female. token hetero. token name-that-does-not-begin-with-J) headed east to the Arroyo Arts Collective discovery tour - a self-guided tour of artists' homes and studios, mostly in highland park. most of the homes were turn of the century craftsman. since I haven't been on craftsman tours, I didn't pay much attention to the artists' work, and instead enjoyed the homes. a few even managed to feel very light and airy, despite all the dark wood, entire walls of glass-enclosed wood built ins, and relatively low ceilings. The tour ended with a reception at the Lummis House, which I'm ashamed to say, I had never even heard of until yesterday. I really must get farther east than the 5 more often.

oh, and casino royale was pretty good. I have a crush on daniel craig and his mankini now.


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