Monday, December 04, 2006

Why I love the beginning of the month

because there's a new eyesore of the month awaiting me, with james howard kunstler's inimitable brand of vitriol and sarcasm. even if I dont always agree with his kneejerk reactions to contemporary architecture, its always enjoyable reading. case in point: the last two months he's gone after memorialist-extraordinaire Daniel Libeskind (or as he refers to him "architect/savant"). Pictured above is his new addition to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, or as Kunstler call it - "the 'Elephant Man' of museums, " comparing it to a tumor. is major problem with it:
Now, you may ask yourself: why is this sort of thing acceptable to the Guardians of Culture? The answer may be that it sends a truthful but subliminal message (which, alas, we are misinterpreting) that the mis-use of technology has become the fatal disease of civilization.
Have truer words ever been blogged?


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