Sunday, September 10, 2006

ca boom tour

yesterday, john and I went to the ca boom silver lake architecture tour. will write up more on that when I have more time , and will post on it for curbed once john uploads his much more professional photos than mine. but in the meantime, I was able to upload half my photos - flickr is driving me crazy, randomly decided that half my photos are not jpgs and half of them are. anyway, here are the photos of neutra's VDL and ohara residence (my favorite on the tour, restored by bonura building), the elevado residence by gubel & associates, the altman residence by finarchitecture (my least favorite), the creative-named silver lake house by standard llp (gorgeous), and the campbell-machado residence (more on that one later but there is a reason I have almost no photos of that one. the houseboys/sentinels standing guard on every floors were a bit intimidating).


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