Wednesday, October 25, 2006

gen(h)ome + mak day

there is a small possibility I'll be out of town on sunday. but if not, I'm going to try to stop by the mak center for mak day. every year on schindler's birthday, the museum is free and this year there's a really interesting exhibit opening that day: gen(h)ome. I'm not always a huge fan of the mak center's exhibitions, but I think this one may be kind of great. I saw some of the installation last weekend when I was docenting. its a cool concept: to explore the "genetic modifications" artists can achieve in the building and the landscape, and to try to link technological innovation in the natural sciences (like genetics) and architecture. there are events all day, but the opening reception is in the evening, from 6-8pm. best of all, coolest exhibition title EVER. no, seriously. that's awesome.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

your body is a battleground

I know going to a lecture on a sat evening isn't everyone's idea of fun, but I'm sort of intrigued by this one: Barbara Kruger at the hammer. I've been a fan of hers ever since I wrote my honors thesis as an undergrad on images of women in advertising (what can I say? it was the early to mid 90s, I was an art history major, and pomo was H-O-T). but I digress - she's still sort of subversive, although I fear the joke might be lost on kids today reared in an age of irony and identity politics. since I postponed my nyc trip til nov, I'm not yet sure what I have going on this weekend. if I find myself on the westside, this is high on the to-do list.

I skipped san clemente last weekend (no nuclear boobs! damn!) but did manage to take in the gen art runway show (a lot of the stuff looked deconstructed but not in a Rei Kawakubo way. more of a lazy/lacking in talent way). but the evening was saved by some of the best people watching I've seen in a long time. or at least since Mark took me a secret speakeasy under an art gallery downtown the night before. I have a feeling the hammer might be a little more tame, but a little more substantive.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

quiet lately

I know I've been ignoring this blog lately (although I've still been posting on curbed la). my father was scheduled to have two spinal surgeries today and I have tickets to go back to ny next week. my mother had asked me to come to ny after the surgery so that I could play pinch hitter when she goes back to work, and help with some of the recovery stuff.

it turns out that dr's get sick too. my father's surgeon has a case of the sniffles, or Bird Flu. I dont know. he has something. and its serious enough to postpone the surgery. I try to avoid talking about personal stuff on this blog (although I break that rule more and more) but between work and family, I just haven't had much to say on this blog. so things might be quiet for the next few weeks as I rearrange my plane ticket and schedule to accomodate new plans.

but just so I provide a few links related to architecture 'n stuff:
  • I want to go here in nov: Skin + Bones : Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture at MOCA.
  • I think I said this before - jon stewart is my husband, colbert is my dirty, dirty mistress.
  • I'm going back to san clemente this weekend, home of the twin nuclear tits, but if I was going to be in LA, I might go see steve martin and harry shearer speak.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

divided loyalties

a friend from the old hood pointed out to me yesterday that the mets are playing the dodgers in the playoffs starting tomorrow. I know I should remain loyal to my hometown team. I grew up a few miles away from shea. I went to mets games as a kid. I stayed up late to watch them win in 86. but that was a long time ago. my teens/20s were spent at yankee stadium. I was never a major baseball fan - but I dated a few back in ny. (I used to have a boyfriend who claimed he could tell whether someone was a mets or yankees fan just by looking at them - and he was usually right. it took me a while to figure out how he was secretly divining their loyalty - if they were irish, italian, jewish, or from queens, SI, LI, or jersey: mets. if they were black, latino, asian or from manhattan, bronx or brooklyn: yankees. so simple. classify by ethnicity - why didn't I think of that?)

anyway, while I think dodger dogs are an affront to sausages everywhere, and we all know how much I like to sit in dodger stadium and ponder the massive betrayal of the public trust that built it, I sort of love dodger stadium. I love the view on a clear day. I love the way you come in towards the top and descend down to your seats. I love seeing families of all ages (hollywood seems to be kid-poor). so despite the consternation I will face from friends back home, I may have to root for the dodgers. unless of course, foxsports is right (is fox ever right about anything?) and this boils down to a yankees vs. dodgers world series. A-rod will come out of that summer slump. I know it.