Tuesday, May 30, 2006

neutra open house - photos for your viewing pleasure

John, a friend of his, and I went to the Neutra open house for the Poster Apartments in north hollywood this weekend. Neutra built the low- to -middle income apartments in 1960, they're now renovated and each apartment was given a "makeover" by local design/build firms and furniture stores such as modernica, built, and steve king. Our favorite: the apartment done by 'built' - they did the interior design for magnolia and the upcoming royale. also impressive: the custom zebrawood cabinetry done by steve king. A few pictures below:
The pool. Duh.
The custom made zebrawood cabinet by Steve King. Lots of hidden drawers.

Exterior of the apartment building.

Don't you want to hang out here? We did - and not just because they served us drinks and cookies. This apartment was done by 'built.'

Mid Century modern = de rigeur mobile.

I love this planter.

I also love antlers.

papaya salad
when in north hollywood, do as the thai do.
lunch at wat thai temple, with scorchingly hot papaya salad.

more photos on flickr.


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