Wednesday, May 24, 2006

habitat 825 update: May 2006

its been almost 2 months since I've gone by the schindler house, with a camera, and remembered to actually photograph habitat 825 next door. shame on me. actually, looking back to march, progress doesn't seem to be as rapid as the first few months of construction, or maybe I'm just not paying attention. anyway, in the past two months, lorcan seems to be everywhere since completing the Jai House: architectural record, living etc, an award from the LA Business Council. so it will be interesting to see what sort of media reception habitat 825 will get once its completed. will its proximity to the schindler house, and the ensuing controversy, have any effect? who knows - but here are the photos.
lorcan 4_05.21.06
lorcan 3_05.21.06
lorcan 2_05.21.06
lorcan 1_05.21.06


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