Monday, May 22, 2006

best museum show so far this summer

matteo and I went to the hammer on sat to check out the societe anonyme exhibition. it seems like every summer, the hammer shames the getty. last summer's sculpture exhibition THING at the hammer was better than anything I saw at the getty, and the speaker series last year meant we got to see malcolm gladwell, david byrne and rem koolhaas (not all together but I would probably pay a lot to see those 3 on stage at the same time).

anyway, societe anonyme features the work of duchamp, ernst, kandinsky, leger and many many others, as well as much of the ephemera of the societe - letters between duchamp and katherine dreier, exhibition catalogues, manifestos, etc.

on sat matteo and I stuck around for the chamber music concert as well - Les Six - disciples of Erik Satie. when matteo proposed staying for a concert of 1920s parisian avant garde music, I was ready to run, but very glad I stayed (altho I skipped the film screening). the exhibition is here until aug - totally worth checking out.


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