Wednesday, May 10, 2006

minimalism goes mainstream


just a few good links today that aren't really appropriate for curbed, but interesting nonetheless:

  • the nytimes covers a recent sale at christies that broke records for 12 artists including (adopted angeleno, sorta) David Hockney, Damien Hirst and Richard Prince over the course of almost 3 hours. why so long? donald judd's estate is unloading a shitload of his work for record prices to pay for permanent installations in NY and Texas. what's also interesting about the sale is the presence of LA there: LA art dealer Irving Blum made a tidy sum off of an early warhol soup can, and the final bidder...Eli Broad. Do they really have to go to New York to cut those deals?
  • New York mag picks their "influentials" in the world of architecture and design. ok, whatever (are andre balazs and ian schrager really all that influential anymore? its not like their designing anything - they just hire smart designers. and these days we're suffering from boutique hotel design malaise. anything kelly wearstler does these days is ten times more exciting than christian liaigre, but I haven't been to buddakan so perhaps I should shut the fuck up). anyway, click thru to article to get to the good stuff - more coverage of the high line in ny. perhaps all the designers, architects, city councilmen and developers scratching their head over the LA River, should take a look at what's happening there.
  • Newsweek asks if the age of the starchitect is over. if downtown LA is any indication, the answer should be a resounding NO.

and a brief rant on how Tivo is ruining my life. first let me say I LOVE TIVO. after a dinner party last night I was able to watch the season finale of the Greatest Teen Drama On TV (tm) at 1 am: Veronica Mars. What I want to do more than anything in the world, is discuss said finale with friends. And no one has seen it yet. Not a one. WTF? Tivo does not give you the right to postpone your participation in cultural phenomena. Other tivo-less friends are downloading the show - and a few are weeks behind. weeks! sure, I slip behind sometimes but ONLY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEASON. I know my duties - and I catch up before the finale. Doesn't anyone hold the month of May sacred anymore? Nielsen and I are depending on you to catch UP.

you're lucky I'm not a vengeful person and slipping in some spoilers, although maybe that would teach you a lesson.

I will tell you this. Season 1's rule that the villain is the most "famous"over the hill actor on the cast, does not apply in Season 2. So long, Steve Guttenberg.


At 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apologies and I will try not to fall behind at all next season. :)


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