Sunday, May 14, 2006

suburbia scares me

just returned from a weekend trip to laguna, which is beautiful and charming, but still makes me deeply uncomfortable and its hard to articulate why. it might be the big box stores along the 405. it might be the tackiness of the monied and educated classes, or the obvious desperation of the cougars draped over the bar at the restaurant we went to last night. It might be the overwhelming...whiteness. I dont know - its just that something seems...not quite right. I'm actually pretty happy to be back in LA and heading to dinner with european friends with names like fabrizio and francesca. I'm a snob and a sucker for good italian food with italians and suspect neither of those would be likely to happen in orange county.

so after getting too much sun and thinking that maybe I'm going soft and realizing its been almost six months since I've been to ny and I missed mother's day - again - I just booked a trip home. so while I may have missed mother's day again (although card and gift arrived on time - I'm not a total reprobate) I will be in ny for my mother's birthday. and my friend jen's. and my 15 year high school reunion. could it actually be that long?

however, I will unfortunately miss aram's birthday and his sure-to-be star turn as a moderator at the digital media summit. he'll have to fill me in on who will win the format war between HD DVD and blu ray. I vote betamax.


At 9:44 AM, Blogger Andrew said...

It's uncomfortable because it's a land where nothing is uncomfortable: climate, lifestyle, etc. If there is no struggle in life it can be unnerving.

At 7:02 PM, Blogger Team said...

good points. But I wouldn't exactly consider a person having a BA in business administration from USC or Chapman College "educated"


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