Tuesday, September 27, 2005

coolhunting expands

as if we needed any further evidence of architecture's "coolness", josh rubin's coolhunting empire has expanded with a new blog dedicated to architecture: tropolism. josh's intro:

Tropolism explores the city through the eyes of architects. It calls attention to the art of architects, finds urban beauty wherever it may be, and otherwise revels in the pleasures of the dense city. It also is very skeptical about what architects have to say about their buildings. Its task is to inform, enliven, provoke, and elevate the debate about buildings and the city while refraining from gossip.

The site begins in New York, and will expand to other major urban areas.

The editor is Chad Smith, an architect and award-winning designer with his own practice in Manhattan. In addition to Tropolism.com, he has contributed to The Village Voice.

needless to say, can't wait for LA.


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