Monday, September 26, 2005

monday media

the weekend was 1 and a half for 3: did manage to make it to HD buttercup, tried to go to western-project but the gallery was closed, and got to rem koolhaas an hour early - but still didn't get in. so listened to the lecture from the courtyard. more on that later. oh, and packed about 6 glasses so this will be a busy week. onto our monday media:
  • turns out suburban cops are just as sleazy and morally corrupt as inner city ones: our neighboring police forces have been caught "dumping" their homeless downtown. not only do they deny the dumping, but they claim they were helping the homeless seek social services.
  • sprawl? what sprawl? the southern california association of governments (SCAG) hopes to meet federal guidelines for clean air by focusing all new development and population growth into just 2 percent of land. changing demographics for LA make it possible since few single people want to live in a large suburban home.
  • and if you're tired of shopping for fruit at your nearby farmer's market, tells you where you can pick fruit locally for free.


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