Monday, September 26, 2005

who's the smartest of them all?

british mag Prospect has put together a list of the world's top intellectuals. they should be commended for the global perspective - including chinua achebe, amartya sen, and Fernando Henrique Cardoso among many other non-westerners. the list, however, is a little light on women and the ones included are a little baffling (naomi klein? really?).

but you can vote on your top 5 picks:

I included the (former) president of LSE when I attended - anthony giddens and larry lessig - who has been a supporter of aram's and my work for the lear center. I guess the voting is just like high school - you pick the people you know.

architects have a poor showing - just rem koolhaas is included on the list and as design observer points out, there are no artists, filmmakers, designers and just one art critic.


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