Saturday, September 24, 2005


I feel a little bad that I didn't make it to today's protest downtown, but I literally could not get out of bed until 11am this morning. I suffer from chronic insomnia, and dont usually sleep later than 7am so that's quite a feat. and have been dragging all day long. woke up at 11, needed a nap by 3. not sure why - maybe I'm sick, maybe its psychosomatic (everytime I think about packing, a similar lethargy overcomes me).

so when john called at 10:45 this morning, there was no way I was making it down there. he stuck around with his friends at veterans for peace until about 1pm but left before the march had even begun. and I went back to being a lazy, armchair activist and active window shopper, after jess called to check out the domino (non) event at h.d. buttercup. so I dragged my ass away from this week's In Touch and a bag of chips to meet her and henry in culver city to gawk at furniture I can't afford. consider it 'research' for my upcoming apartment move. the rest of the afternoon was spent napping (natch) and surfing design*sponge, coolhunting, and ebay while I watch 'design on a dime' on hgtv. sense a pattern?

now I wait for john who keeps calling me every 15 min to make sure I dont fall asleep again and bail on plans for tonight (I'm tired, I don't have a concussion). he will be my design consultant for the new place, or at the very least, I will buy one of his amazing photographs. he knows which one I want.

this will be a john-intensive weekend since he's also my date for the rem koolhaas lecture at the hammer tomorrow. so much john, so little time. he's the epitome of the GBF.


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