Thursday, September 22, 2005

this weekend

there's a ton going on that I want to do/see and I'm afraid I may spend my time packing instead. here's what I hope to do:
  • rem koolhaas at the hammer. I wrote my master's thesis about him, still haven't seen him speak live.
  • one of my favorite shelter rags, domino, is sponsoring a three-day event at hd buttercup. I'll post the info below.
  • see the arne svensen exhibition at western project of photos of forensic reconstructions of murder victims.
and there's the last cemetary screening of the season on sat, the abbott kinney festival, and the anti-war/anti-bush rally on sat downtown. too much going on. might be able to do a quarter of what I intend. oh, and did I mention I need to start packing?

hd buttercup press release below:

WHAT: DOMINO MAGAZINE – Condé Nast's new shopping magazine for the home – is celebrating its second issue by co-hosting a huge publicshopping event (it's first!) with L.A.'s most dynamic new players,H.D. Buttercup Manutailer™ Furniture Mart, the nation's onlydirect-to-consumer furniture and design showroom in Los Angeles onFri., Sept. 23 through Sun., Sept. 25.The weekend shopping event is FREE and open to the public, featuring major discounts, giveaways, sweepstakes and interactive booths with experts on-hand all weekend to teach, demonstrate + solve decorating and home style issues with consumers.

domino booths are all FREE + include:
Interior design consultations: domino has gathered several local LAinterior designers to sit with shoppers – who are invited to bring photos + Polaroids of their homes – everything from kitchens to bathrooms to unfinished garages – for free advice, ideas + solutions

Cooking classes + wine and cheese tasting: local LA chef ChristopherEme from Ortolan, and Chef Craig Petrella and Sommelier PeterBirmingham of Norman's restaurant will teach cooking + wine tasting classes

Free spa treatments: domino spa boutique will include free manicures, hand massages + products from OPI

Gardening classes: Eduardo Xol will teach landscaping for the sensesduring the weekend – based on sight, smell and taste

Handyman fix-it lessons + classes: domino's resident handyman will teach the basics of remodeling + repairing the home – everything from installing ceramic tile to decorating a nursery to painting a room to common bathroom repairs will be included

Art classes: Painter + graphic artist Freddi Cerasoli who creates PopArt inspired by street art forms and DJ culture. Cerasoli willteaches art classes + demos all weekend

Feng Shui consultations + classes: Feng Shui Coach Cheryl Janis ofSacred Surroundings will teach + consult on how to change your spaceto change your life

Free shuttle service at lunchtime to/from nearby restaurants: Subaru will taxi shoppers to/from the domino event to nearby restaurants forlunch – they'll even make reservations for consumers!


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