Thursday, September 22, 2005

more mak stuff

two upcoming mak center events, plus tickets for the oct tour are still available. splurge - its going to be great.

'glass, concrete and stone,it's just a house not a home'
September 23, 2005 - September 25, 2005
Final Projects Exhibition, Group XX Reception, Friday, September 23, 7-10 pm
8 pm Presentation by kabru
Exhibition Hours, Saturday & Sunday, September 24-25, 12-6 pm
MAK Center Artists and Architects in Residence.

Work by Songül Boyraz, kabru, Hans Schabus, and Milica Topalovic & Bas Princen. To be held at the Mackey Apartments, 1137 S. Cochran Avenue, Los Angeles.

Starving for Embarassing Architecture
September 29, 2005
Book Launch and Presentation Thursday, September 29, 7-9 pm
In cooperation with Villa Aurora
Erik Göngrich, Villa Aurora Artist In Residence (visual arts) 2003, draws on information gleaned from questionnaires and interviews to create a collage of texts and images that shed a new light on the city. He will give a presentation on his book “Starving for Embarassing Architecture,” published in 2004 by Villa Aurora, Berlin, which documents his findings in Los Angeles.

MAK Architecture Tour 2005
October 02, 2005
Architecture Tour and ReceptionTour, Sunday, 11 am – 5 pm
Cocktail Reception, Sunday, 5 pm – 7:30 pm
Experience some of Los Angeles’ exemplary modern homes, generously opened by their owners to give you a chance to see both interior and exterior.

Please join us for a very special tour of:
Silvertop (John Lautner, 1957)
The Walker Residence (R. M. Schindler 1936)
The Wilson Residence (R. M. Schindler, 1935-38)
The Tierman Residence (Gregory Ain, 1939)
The Yates Studio (R. M. Schindler, 1938-47)
The Bubeshko Apartments (R. M. Schindler, 1938 and 1941)
The Schlessinger Residence (R. M. Schindler, 1952)
The Elliot Residence (R. M. Schindler, 1930)

Followed by a cocktail reception at The Wolff Residence (R. M. Schindler, 1938)

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