Monday, September 19, 2005

I have the mondays

busy busy but all good stuff - new clients, new projects, new apartment, etc. will try to write up in more detail two of the art/architecture related events I attended this weekend: the Not a Cornfield lecture on fri night (which in the words of one friend during our post-lecture de-brief on the project is "politically dubious" and I have to agree) and the basquiat show at moca (which again, I found ultimately disappointing, with the exception of the warhol collaborations). in the meantime, here's some monday media links, which I've only given a cursory read so caveat emptor:
back to work and packing.

update: matteo also wants me to post that's new york's gansevoort hotel is opening their LA outpost downtown, although I feel like I had read this already somewhere before, although maybe I'm confusing it with Miami.


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