Tuesday, August 22, 2006

if only the airlines had a buy 2, get one free sale

I booked the first of my three planned fall trips to new york today. the first will put me in ny for rosh hashana for the first time in years, but I also have a wedding that weekend at the rainbow room, which is far more exciting than apples and honey and brisket with the family. and since the couple is half indian refugee activist/half norwegian architect its going to be a blast. how could it possibly be anything else? lest you think its all pleasure, not business - I'm also speaking that week at a conference in midtown. so I'll get to spend some time with family and friends and historic landmarks, and some time in a soul-crushing mid-priced chain hotel. unfortunately, I will have just missed the Dada exhibition at the MOMA (whatever- the hammer's exhibition probably kicked moma's ass) but will hopefully have a chance to catch the herzog and de meuron exhibition, even if I vaguely remember some lousy reviews.


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