Wednesday, August 02, 2006

truth or dare

last week my co-editor josh and I put together a list of q's for our inaugural curbed LA interview. we thought it might be fun to actually create some original content, and act like some a-hole college journalist or something and start interviewing architects, planners, gadflys we like for the site. the first architect we approached, lorcan o'herlihy, actually said yes (but in fairness to him, he hadnt seen the questions before he agreed to do it. otherwise we might have gotten a different response). I had heard he was very open to working with dumb bloggers like us, (he did an excellent LAist interview with Jess last year) and I heard he was fiercely protective of his reputation, particularly after the MAK center debacle (understandably). so now josh and I are eagerly awaiting the results to post on curbed, and the big question mark for us: will lorcan actually answer us this:

Fuck Marry Kill: Eric Owen Moss, Frank Gehry or Thom Mayne?

He did call me to speak very highly of thom mayne, so I guess we can assume he falls into the 'marry' category. so who will he fuck and who will he kill? fingers crossed that one actually gets answered.


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