Friday, August 11, 2006

architecture odds and ends

dropped my parents off at the airport this morning. they seem to have a knack for traveling during international terror crisis. last summer, they arrived in london the morning of the bombings which luckily kept my sister at home waiting for them rather than on the tube during rush hour. they came to visit me there in 2003 right around the time we declared war and were supposed to have been greeted on the tarmac at heathrow by tanks (at least, they saw it on cnn but seemed to have missed it at the terminal). and this morning they spent an extra half hour repacking all of their liquids. so be forewarned: I will let you know the next time they plan a trip and you can plan accordingly. they're like the angels of terror. other than that, it was a good trip and I might post a little bit about it later since I took them to the schindler house, disney hall, huntington gardens, the venice canals and many many more places.

as for the odds and ends: the mak center architecture tour has confirmed another house - this time a lautner:
Harpel House (John Lautner, 1956)
The Harpel House sits on a Hollywood hillside and is constructed as a triangulated system of deep glulam (glued laminated timber) beams on thick concrete columns. Lautner created a giant trellis covering almost the entire property, part of which was closed off for living and entertainment.
this might be the key to competing with the silver lake tour - even if silvertop's reputation overshadows many of lautner's other works.

and the lorcan o'herlihy interview is going up on curbed LA on monday. finally. and its awesome. email us suggestions for other good interview subjects - we're hoping to make it a semi-regular feature.


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