Monday, August 21, 2006

architecture + food + celebrity scions

I almost missed this since I didn't have my usual wed diet of food reviews last week as I hosted my baby sister: jonathan gold reviews wilson (thumbs up) and gives us an awesome description of the outdoor patio:
The back patio resembles a cross between a Dwell magazine layout and a prison exercise yard.
Its spot on, but he forgot to mention the public restroom overhead lighting. when we walked past the restaurant a few weeks ago, it was the first thing we noticed - no one looks good in that lighting. so we opted for the front patio, which was just slightly better, as long as you don't mind a side of car exhaust with your potato and fig tortelli. but those tortelli are so good they make us forgive booming car bass, unforgiving overhead lighting, and the possibility of proximity to eric owen moss:
As befits a modernist restaurant, the celebrities on view tend to be architects — this is one place where a sighting of Steven Ehrlich or Eric Owen Moss may be as big a deal as spotting Tony Curtis at Spago.


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