Thursday, July 27, 2006

mission almost accomplished

yesterday josh and I had drinks with a couple of people from CIM, who are going head to head with the scientologists in the hollywood land grab. (that giant condom on sunset? yup, that's CIM). and not sure I mentioned this, but in the grand tradition of informality + blogging, I've somehow been upgraded to co-editor at curbed LA. my mother would be so proud if I actually told her I blogged. its still a shameful family secret.

anyway, josh and I met with these nice folks, who invited us out purely because they liked our blog. that was it, no other reason. we were semi-shocked. our constant verbal diarrhea is actually appreciated by suits at mega-developer corporations. we were hoping for some good gossip but these people are like the mob. I think their MBA graduation ceremony includes a vow of omerta. no nasty stories about the kor group. no juicy gossip on the scientologists. not even a bad word to say about diva architects. I mean, really. we already know who the divas are, just spill it.

however, they kindly paid for our food and drinks (or rather, CIM did) and as josh points out, if we can occasionally convince people richer than us to pay the tab, our job here is done.


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