Monday, June 12, 2006

swell shots

this weekend was kind of packed with architecture and food stuff. I had been complaining the last few times I was a docent at the schindler house that visitorship was sparse at best. Not so on sat. it was non-stop because of the AIA convention. be careful what you wish for... it was the busiest weekend I can remember in a long time. and one of the toughest - I was bombarded by questions by architects on construction techniques that I couldn't answer. Ask me about the program, the social history, gossip about schindler and neutra - I'm happy to answer. Just don't ask me about studs.

sat evening john and I headed down to the 2x8 swell show at the gas company lofts. I posted his pics on curbed today. sort of a disappointing event since we couldn't go up to the lofts and didn't win the vespa we were sure was ours. I would even have been happy with the spa weekend at the beverly regent but no luck. we loved the grand hall of the gas company building - still in the middle of restoration. we loved the lit-from-within banana-shaped inflatable chairs.

strangely, at dinner later that night I ran into some of the architects I had given tours to earlier in the day. LA is starting to turn into a small town.

this week there will be nothing architecture-related, I hope. instead, it will be all about work, the last week of the everybody wins program for the semester, hosting a friend from new york, and saying goodbye to matteo as he heads off to ny to work at richard meier's PR agency. with his perry street apartments referred to as "faulty towers" they have their work cut out for them.

and I never did make it sunday night to his friend's house in the hills. just too hard to squeeze in, between sunday supper at lucques and the premiere of entourage. oh well.


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