Tuesday, June 06, 2006

back to sunny LA

what I managed to accomplish in less than a week in ny:
  • cook dinner for my parents
  • attend my high school reunion
  • celebrate my mother's birthday
  • meet with clients
  • catch up with old friends
  • take my little sister to dinner
  • lombardi's
  • xiao long bao
  • anglomania at the met, the flatware exhibit at the cooper hewitt (both are excellent)
  • finish the second half of sore winners (the first half took 4 months, second half 4 days. sometimes I miss commuting.)
  • blow out a tire on the BQE
what I did not accomplish (and wish I had more time to)
  • eat at babbo
  • go to the zaha hadid exhibit at the guggenheim
  • see a few more friends, meet a few more clients
  • go anywhere near the meatpacking district (bc of an interest in design and architecture, of course. no other reason.)
topic brought up in every conversation in new york, regardless of who you are talking to:
  • the gehry/ratner atlantic yards project
  • soaring real estate costs/brooklyn's gentrification (but this one is evergreen)
  • an inconvenient truth, but truthfully, that may have been my own fault
total time I've seen the sun:
  • I believe there was a half hour or so late monday afternoon
it will be good to be back in LA.


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