Wednesday, September 28, 2005

keywords that brought you here

some of the more interesting ones lately:
  • edmiston olmstead frederick architect
  • herzog meuron mosk
  • kimberli meyer mak partner
  • hunter urbanist movie con jackie chan
  • koolhaas generic city straitjacket
  • laguna beacon mtv season two quotes
  • lacma proposal, koolhaas uses (shouldn't that be "koolhaas loses"? hehe).
  • caltran koolhaas
  • westwood veterans panel
  • paul haggis new yorker santa monica vodka
  • tia carrere's baby
  • monica - what goes up must come down
  • hamburger hamlet recipe bisque
  • architects selfish
and the last two week's have seen a ton of inquiries about the houses on the mak center tour. I'm glad people are doing their research before going on the tour, since the docents won't be much help - and I speak as one.


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