Sunday, December 17, 2006

its alive: livinghomes

yesterday josh and I got a tour of the first livinghome built in santa monica, and currently occupied by the developer steve glenn. will try to write more on it tomorrow, or just let josh write it up for curbed, but price aside (which is very, very high for a prefab home but zero emissions, zero energy, zero water COSTS $$$, people!), the house was impressive - the design (by ray kappe), the LEED platinum certification, the craftsmenship. so instead of writing it up, a couple of photos:

the solar photovoltaic panels on the roof.

deck 1
the second floor.

living room
the living room

all the appliances are built into the wall - including the coffeemaker. if I drank coffee, I would love this.

the kitchen

fireplace 1
the fireplace. its the centerpiece of the house and anchors the living areas.


At 2:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I accidentally drove past that place just the other day. It looks pretty cool from the outside.


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