Friday, September 01, 2006

Three years

I realized a couple of days ago, I just passed the three year mark in LA - the three fastest years of my life. and I realized I'm slowly starting to think like an angeleno:
  • this week my car has been a fickle, unhappy mistress. but one new battery, one oil check and a smog test later, I think we've reached a detente. what's startling about all this - I refer to my car as my mistress.
  • I bundled up the other night to go meet a friend in santa monica...because its so much colder by the water.
  • waking up at 6am to do business with new york no longer seems unreasonable.
  • I'm going down to a friend's beach house in orange county for the weekend, and I'm secretly hoping its a mcmansion. seriously. I've never been to one before, its in san clemente, and there's a bit of a battle brewing there. so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a gate-guarded community, some faux-tuscan exteriors, maybe a palladian window or two, and if its less than 2,000 sq ft I'm turning the car around and driving home. I just want to see how the other half lives.
happy labor day.


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