Monday, December 12, 2005

monday media

after a weekend of movies, movies, movies and, um, magic, its time for some monday media:

  • take back the blight. some of southern california's blighted land and wildlife preserves are getting some much needed restoration.
  • sprawl free-for-all. expect lots of handwringing and angst over robert bruegmann's new book, Sprawl: A Compact History, since he is far kinder to the phenomenon (and los angeles) than contemporaries like James Howard Kunstler, author of the divine Clusterfuck Nation blog and the Eyesore of the Month and theorists such as Sassen and Soja, who try to find more nuanced ways of looking at sprawl. and the blogs are weighing in, as well as Witold in last month's Slate.
  • its always so sad when BFF lose the F. in case you missed it, gehry sets the record straight on his friendship with brad pitt. apparently the rumors of brad's apprenticeship are greatly exaggerated. except, what about the vanity fair article where he professes his love for gehry? the hove development he's supposed to be collaborating with gehry on? who to believe - newsweek or the guardian? tough call.


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