Thursday, December 01, 2005

sierra club goes all jane jacobs on us

the sierra club expands its purview. once upon a time, the sierra club was mainly concerned about saving the grizzly and stopping drilling, but the 113 year old has set its sights on sprawl. only, instead of simply taking an us-vs-them, unilateral opposition, they've taken the middle road: publishing a report in support of mixed-use development. as treehugger reports:

"The...nonprofit organization says it expects to release this week its first "Guide to America's Best New Development Projects," an endorsement of mixed-use residential, commercial and retail developments in a dozen cities around the country"..."We are trying to be supportive of developers who are doing the right thing," said Eric Olson, Washington-based director of the Sierra Club's Healthy Communities Campaign. "We're also recognizing that you can't just be against things all the time. You have to be for things."

read the whole report here. CA is given props - oakland, san mateo and windsor are all in the report (yeah, I never heard of the other two either).

thanks to rudayday.


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