Monday, December 05, 2005

gays, grays and glazing (pottery, of course)

the nytimes' travel section takes on the parker palm springs and jonathan adler's kitschy/cool aesthetic. ah, the memories. staying there last labor day weekend there to celebrate jess' birthday, we spent most our time planning where to sit next - should we sit by the indoor round gas fireplace?near the suit of armor by the zebra rug?
on the couches near the bar?
you can see the difficulty in deciding which nook and cranny to park our asses in. the nytimes actually captures the parker's aesthetic quite nicely:
The result is not so much a hippy-chic makeover, as it is a kind of dandy Betty Ford clinic for those who overdosed on the W Hotel's much-copied sleek and minimalist vibe. The resort's particular brand of tongue in cheek is not for everyone.
but it was for us. and jess and H recently gave me this very thoughtful housewarming gift - which now occupies a place of honor on the coffee table and brings a smile to anyone who thumbs through it.


At 12:13 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

Please, I’m just glad you liked the gift!

I've managed to convince my folks to plan a family weekend at the Parker in January with my sis and the kids. Hopefully my toddling niece won't wreak havoc and we can enjoy ourselves again to the max, as well as check out the re-opened PSYC spa stuff.

Will also be sure to raid a maid’s cart or two or twelve.


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