Thursday, December 01, 2005

possibly, maybe, perhaps one day - a subway?

in one step among many, congressman henry waxman, who has hampered potential subway plans for a train to the westside since the mid-80s, is now reconsidering his position (flip flopper!). citing safety concerns after a gas explosion two decades ago, waxman wrote legislation that banned using federal money to build the tunnels. now that an MTA panel has concluded a tunnel could be built safely along the wilshire corridor and Villaraigosa is apparently putting the screws to waxman, he's stated he might introduce legislation to rescind the ban.

however, as the latimes points out, this is just one minor step in many that need to happen. in fact, the reversal on the ban is meaningless without then earmarking funds for construction. and the price of building a subway, like everything else in LA, has skyrocketed in the last two decades. if this thing is ever built, the fare might cost you a pound of flesh, which will be preferable to the blood of your first born, which should pay for a gallon of gas by then.


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