Wednesday, November 30, 2005

welcome starchitect stalkers!

some of the people you've been googling that brought you here:
  • lorcan o'herlihy
  • cedd moses
  • brad pitt
  • gunther domenig
  • michael lafetra
  • anna wintour
  • barclay butera
  • john lautner
  • evan cole rachel ashwell (they're so in love they've already become a single search)
  • william hablinski
  • danny teeson
  • rick schroder (the searcher is both able to spell his name correctly and respectful of his desire to be known as "rick," dispensing with the puerile "ricky." but he will ALWAYS be ricky to me).
  • helena arahuete
the question now is how many of these are actually lorcan o'herlihy self-googling? lorcan, just bookmark this page, I promise to write more about you.


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