Tuesday, November 29, 2005

great gift ideas

I've been leafing thru this month's assorted collection of shelter and fashion mags, each with their own "holiday gift guide" but none of them come close to the job the excellent blog, design*sponge, is doing. and to be honest, I'm not even buying that many gifts this year. my family dispensed with the chrismukkah craziness long ago so we just take a name out of a hat. one name, one gift. so really I'm just shopping for me. regardless, the girl has some great design sense and each week will be arranged by price. this week is gifts for under $50. enjoy.


At 10:33 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

As an inveterate shopper, I'm rarely at a loss for what's out there. The hard part is matching the person to the gift.

But gift suggestion guides strangely baffle me, I guess b/c I rarely see stuff in those spreads that I sincerely want. In my family we infrequently gave/got surprise major gifts; my folks would ask us what we wanted, or buy us something and then say, "that's your [birthday/ Hanukkah/ graduation] gift." Guess I need to learn to be more flexible and spontaneous.


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