Sunday, June 26, 2005

random stuff

the nytimes discovers LA's koreatown and pronounces it "revived and upscale" - apparently the presence of $15 massages is the basis for the proclamation. if that's the criteria for gentrification, then my hometown of flushing, queens has been "gentrifying" for years.

they also discover nic harcourt and KCRW.

venice turns 100, and for some inexplicable reason, feels it must compete with vegas.

and check out the work of scott greiger, who happens to have my favorite piece in the current exhibition, Pink, at bergamot station.

tomorrow I leave for ny, for a mix of business and pleasure, with hopefully better results than my last trip home. on the to do list (for the third time) - visit the new moma. first time the hour wait, 12 degree weather and my lack of gloves discouraged a visit. second time the flu. third time's a charm (I hope). and if I get to borrow my parent's car (or convince them to come with me) a day trip "upstate" (anything north of the bronx is upstate) to the Dia Beacon is a priority.

Photo by Bill Jacobson


At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had to comment just because I live near Koreatown and I'm from Flushing, Queens, so your post had a lot of meaning to me. So now it's you, me, Fran Drescher, and Joel Fleischman from Northern Exposure. Have fun in NY. If you were in Flushing today, you could have seen Billy Graham, which I'm sure you would have loved!


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