Thursday, June 23, 2005

julius doesnt suffer fools gladly

a great recap of last week's LA Conservancy Annual Meeting with Julius Shulman. (thanks Jess). the highlight of the meeting? certainly not ben stiller's limp defense of the book he co-edited, Looking at Los Angeles. rather, it was shulman's lambast:

Mr. Shulman prefaced his answer by saying, "Democracy is a precious thing..." and the crowd, eager for nuggets of wisdom from this legend, sort of eased back to hear what was shaping up to be a lecture of sorts as he spoke of the forces that came together to put this book of photography together. They were jolted forward in their seats with, "But I think this book is crap." I heard the gasp go through the audience, but the panelists stayed silent and poker-faced. I looked around the room and the look on everyone's face told me we were wondering the same thing - what did he just say? Did he just say this book is crap?


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