Thursday, June 23, 2005

a few interesting links today and some rumor and innuendo...

  • mere mortals can't buy celeb homes. and as if agents and managers weren't making enough from their 15%, they also moonlight as realtors. oh, and to answer all those brad pitt queries that bring traffic here - ellen degeneres bought the aniston-pitt wallace neff-designed home in may.
  • the editorials begin for grand ave - this one pleads for more money to be spent on the arteries leading to the project than on public spaces within the project itself.

and some restaurant news:
  • jeffery chodorow owns 24 restaurants globally and counting...and he's preparing the opening of another one in hollywood. doesn't mention what restaurant he plans for us. we already have asia de cuba and rocco's went down in flames. maybe a new ono? or mix? or a confusingly names english is italian? anyone know?
  • and I was recently told the much-anticipated partnership between nancy silverton and mario batali is one step closer to reality. according to one of the owners of silverlake wine, they're currently negotiating for space on highland. could be the pizza place on the corner of melrose and highland, perhaps? with the exception of ammo, the area is sort of a no-man's land for culinary adventure. this might breathe new life into what's still a pretty industrial/residential strip.


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