Friday, June 24, 2005

star signs: uranus is rising

I think there is something in the air right now. for so long, things felt really...unstable...for everyone I know. now it seems the stars are aligning for many of my friends, so a public and single congratulations is in order - john found a job and a good way to spend his last year in LA before he goes to architecture school. he's taking me out for sushi and sake this weekend to celebrate. elenia starts work next week at democracy 21, helping us stupid americans reform campaign finance. evan moves to chicago this weekend to start b-school, and I get to take care of his mid-century modern couches for a few years. and I'm hoping the siren's call of sun and surf will finally lure rudy out here soon. and nikki starts working for The Man, in this case, as a consultant for the sprint-nextel merger in the bowels of the heartland.

and professionally, things are looking good as well. can't make any premature announcements but I can link to our new company's first mention in the press. aram is awesome.

and to make this post really all about me and absolutely nothing to do with architecture or urban issues, let me also relate my Best Celebrity Sighting Ever. last night, to celebrate all this good fortune, C and I had dinner at AOC. wonderful meal, C even surprised me and agreed to eat pork cheeks (he can be a somewhat un-adventurous eater). and then we spotted them, the hottest MILFS on tv - kirsten cohen and julie cooper nichol. together.

but not everything is perfect in sunny LA. evan leaves this weekend, leaving me without a hiking buddy and nikki is caving in to The Man, straightening her fro this weekend. tonight, we celebrate the end of an era.

update: C has asked that I refer to him as either "The Divine Mr. C" or as "Joe Kickass." Duly noted.


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