Tuesday, June 21, 2005

tipping points - an LA edition?

a few days ago the nytimes ran an article on tipping points for brooklyn neighborhoods - when longtime residents realized their neighborhood had changed - a coffee shop opening in ditmas park, the city bothering to actually post street signs in dumbo, same sex couples in red hook, a firebombing of a black-owned home in canarsie. most of the "tipping points" are the usual tropes of gentrification - can-you-believe-an-organic-market-moved-into-the-old-butcher-shop? variety.

but it begs the question, what are LA's neighborhood tipping points? I haven't been here long enough to answer the question, so I'll depend on my readers (and yeah, most of my "readers" are personal friends and acquaintances. but a few of you are if not born and bred, have been here a really really long time). so tell me, what's your neighborhood's tipping point?


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