Tuesday, January 30, 2007

dios mio! miami is COLD

I may have to rethink my previous prejudices against miami. sure, it has a euro-trash vibe, most of the neighborhoods suck, and it can be humid, but I have to give credit where credit is due. I'm staying in the art deco historic district, which has lovingly restored and preserved the architectural integrity of many of these amazing buildings. south beach is walkable. the stone crabs and key lime pie are great (and good for celebrity sightings during super bowl week, if dan marino, chris carter, and fat joe count as celebrities to you. most surreal celebrity moment yet: watching dan marino "rap" Lean Back to fat joe. white men in their 50's should never rap.)

so I need to amend my anti-miami stance. its a great city for 3-4 days. any longer than that and I think I would go crazy. weirdly, its quite cold here right now, so I left cold and rainy LA for...cold and rainy miami.

sadly, I forgot my camera in LA, but flickr means never having to bring a camera. behold, the beauty that is LA's art deco district, so very different from LA's art deco (or new york's, or chicago's, or london's, etc etc):


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