Friday, January 26, 2007

beinvenido a miami

I'm going to miami next week for all of two days to speak at a conference - a decision I'm now regretting. not the trip to miami, the fact that I booked it for so little time. but I have work and responsibilities back in LA, and a class to teach at USC, so I didn't think I could spare the time. and I keep reminding myself, I don't really like miami. any city that makes LA look classy, is not the city for me. plus, I hate humidity. my hair does too.

now I realize I should have just gone down there for the weekend and at least enjoyed some cubans and crabs (the food, not the lice). and most of all, the art deco. now that I did the LA art deco tour, I should have booked a little extra time in a city renowned for their art deco district. fortunately, at least my hotel is also art deco.

and happy coincidence: friend and former student zac is in town at the same time, so we'll find time for a drink or two in south beach.


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