Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007 docenting duties

My first docent weekend of 2007 is approaching. I'll be at the schindler house this sat from 11-2:30, giving tours of the house (free with admission). this time I'll try to remember to bring my camera to snap the progress of Habitat 825 next door since its been months since I've posted on it, and it looks like its almost done. Occupancy is supposed to begin April 1. wow, that was fast.

anyway, I believe I'm nearing the two year mark at the schindler house sometime in 2007, and its still pretty fun. my favorite groups are usually the college students (I love the kids. Kids! Get on my lawn!), but who doesn't love the occasional german tourist, with their fanny packs and black socks? the other thing I love - I'm still discovering new details in the house. A joint I never noticed, or doors that swing in both directions, or the fact that the indoor fireplaces still work. who knew? not I.

the only downside - the schindler house's new kitten rudy (guess who he's named after) is now housed somewhere in the palisades. Rudy liked to follow the docents from room to room, like the ghost of Schindler, silently judging our performance. I miss that cat.

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