Sunday, July 09, 2006

roses and rauschenberg

yesterday, in the ridiculous heat, john, jack and I visited the huntington library and gardens in pasadena. I had never been before, and even though john had, a few landscape architects he knows recommended he go back to see the desert garden. below, a few pix he took at the gardens.

the desert garden

lotus flowers

mona lisa in the bathroom
apparently, they've hung the mona lisa in the men's room.
that's how you know its a classy museum.

and last night, stopped by moca for the rauschenberg show. not a huge fan of the rauschenberg show, but was far more impressed by the small lorna simpson show. actually, what impressed me most was how well dressed everyone there was, esp for LA and esp womens' shoes. I saw some great footwear there, including a woman with the same mobius shoes designed by koolhaas' nephew that I have. mine kill, and I can't imagine spending a few hours walking in a museum with them on - they're strictly "drive, valet, sit" shoes. god bless her and her future orthopedic surgeon.


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